Say, did you hear the joke about the fun guy (fungi) who went to the party and left because there was not mushroom?



Don’t step on that mushroom!

Elm (Oyster) Mushroom Kansas
Elm, Oyster Mushroom Kansas

Mushrooms, or fungi, are symbionts, capable of decomposing old wood and leaves, breaking down complex molecules that otherwise would clutter the forest floor, thereby playing a crucial role in the global carbon cycle.
Mycology is the study of fungi. And it is a good subject to study for fungi are important in medicine (penicillin) and bread and beer (yeast). Less helpful, that pesky microscopic fungus that gives us Athlete’s foot, bread mold, and the potato blight.
Man has known about the mushroom for thousands of years. Ötzi the Iceman, a 5,300-year-old Neolithic man found frozen in the Austrian Alps, carried mushrooms that he might have used as tinder, food, or as a medicine.
Lovely to eat, but better to leave the picking to those that know since some varieties are poisonous.


Kansas Mushroom, Elm Oyster Mushroom
Kansas Elm, Oyster Mushroom

Could these mushrooms be the newly named Amanita Populiphila Tulloss et Moses. They were found in a wooded area in southeast Kansas, Toronto State Park, October 2014? More likely, they are the Elm Mushroom, Hypsizygus Ulmarius, cousin to the Oyster Mushroom, but I need a mycologist to tell me for sure.


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