The continuing adventures of Tom King

“Desperado Tom King kills one of her pursuers,” screams the headline from the Guthrie Dailey Leader, December 17, 1893.

Bohemian bloodhound
Bohemian bloodhound

The Bohemian blood hound from Yukon was found with his feet turned up. Beside the hound was a patch of Scotch tweed torn from the clothing Tom King was wearing. From the fatal shot’s position (between the two fore legs), the angle of the wound (exiting the shoulder) and the powder burn, authorities surmised that the hound leapt at Tom King while he [she] was still in the saddle of her horse.
A hair pin with a note was attached to the dog’s ear:

Turn lose sum more of your dogs of war. I have still twenty rounds in my belt. If the sheriff of ‘L’ Reno will follow me, I will give him a dose of the saim medisine.”
Tom King

The dog was found by two Comanche Indians and purchased by a scout for fifty cents. It was taken to Fort Reno and put on exhibition as a warning to anyone pursuing Tom King.

[No, I am not making this stuff up. Guthrie Daily Leader, December 17, 1893, following a story first reported in the Wichita Beacon]


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