Woodson County Courthouse

Imagine yourself in Kansas – the time is 1899, the place is Yates Center, Woodson County. The population of the entire county topped 10,000, an all time high and a figure never seen again. Law and order has come to this part of Kansas and a new county courthouse is erected.


Go back a few years. Anyone who came to the area prior to 1860 was a trespasser. The land was the reserve of the New York Indians. And before that it was home to the Pawnee and Osage, as well as the Wichita and Kansas indians who had lived in the area since time immemorial.

[Check out the figures in the second story windows and on the roof.]

The Woodson County Courthouse is in Courthouse Square in Yates Center, Kansas. It was built between 1899 and 1900, and was designed by Ottawa architect George P. Washburn, who designed twelve other county courthouses in Kansas.

Woodson County Courthouse, Yates Center, Kansas
Woodson County Courthouse, Yates Center, Kansas

The courthouse is on the state and national historic registers. Need more information about the building of the Woodson County Courthouse? See the nomination form.


If you love early history then check out, William G. Cutler’s history of Woodson County, written in 1883 before the courthouse was built.


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