Arise Juliette and light the dawn

Balcony from Romeo and Juliette
Balcony from Romeo and Juliette

When you look at a scene with your naked eye, your brain selects the subject that is interesting. But cameras don’t discriminate. They gather up everything in view like a vacuum cleaner. It is your job to select what matters and keep all the garbage out.

Here is a morsel of a view of the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas.

In Photoshop, I made a few minor adjustments with levels and vibrance, then added the poster filter.

Voila, Romeo is patiently waiting for the morning sun.

Waiting for Juliette

This dating Juliette is grating on my nerves
Waiting, waiting
I hate she’s late
Be gone the moon, it is not too soon
For the sun to rise
And warm my bones
I deserve better weather
Or at least a sweater
While I am standing here

Open yonder window
I am cold and stiff as the dead
And all I ask is if
I can get a whiff of
The perfume from your hair
Arise fair lady,
Do you think I’m made of stone
Dammit, is this a pigeon perched on my head
It is time to get out of bed

Romeo waits for Juliette
Romeo waits for Juliette

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