I know I am not the only one

Having just gone out and purchased Adele’s new album, 25, I know I am not the only one.

In fact, it is going to set a few sales records on the way.

On the way, I have fallen in love with the melodies and the words, entranced with the emotion that a song is a lovely trick to stop the mind when thoughts become superfluous. Ingrid Bergman said something vaguely similar to newspaperman, Hal Boyle  in 1970, so I am stealing it.

I only wanted to have fun
Learning to fly, learning to run
I let my heart decide the way
When I was young
Deep down I must have always known
That this would be inevitable
To earn my stripes I’d have to pay
And bare my soul

I know I’m not the only one…

And if you are still looking for the song and the words, then look a million years ago or better yet buy the music.


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