Justin Trudeau

With the primaries about to start, Oz turns his thoughts to Canada where change is about to begin.

This Sunday morning I heard young (44 year old) Justin Trudeau speak to Fareed Zakaria from Davos, Switzerland in an uncertain but confident voice as the new Prime Minister of Canada.

What follows is a poetic summary.


image by Nicholas Kamm, Getty Images


Justin Trudeau
I cannot help but be tremendously optimistic
I am young
It is a privilege to be young
To believe in a future of hope and change
Empower the future
Life is extraordinary
With its potential to do good
To fight evil
To help the poor
My memories tell me
From the age of four
Hope is the future
With justice and opportunity for all
The challenge is
Getting people to step up
To find a progressive voice
To rise to the challenge
And though it is not my place to tell others what to do
There is a way and a path to a brighter world
And I am glad to share it
Once teacher, then father, advocate, now leader
O’ Canada
I bring you real change


One can see the full length unedited twenty minute interview on YouTube.


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