Pardon my presumption

Messier 104, NASA


Pardon my presumption,
In your eyes I see
My own
Staring back at me
And wonder
How singular
It must be
To share a soul
Rather than
Our Being
A Mystery…

From one soul
To another
Across the universe
My God
Mind your manners,
It matters
As every child knows
There is nothing more to say than,
And, it is impolite
To stare.


A poem is an incomplete image of a thing.

The Messier 104 galaxy is nicknamed the Sombrero galaxy. This NASA photo combines the infrared image from NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope with a a visible light image from NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope.

The point being, I guess, that things aren’t always what they seem. Or, that it takes two eyes, to get a complete image. Or, – you fill in the blank.

My sparse poem is a revision of Morgan Bradham, Soul Stare.

Pardon me, Morgan, for my presumption in having your permission to mess with your beautifully written poem, but the fascination lies in the unique expression of images with words.


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