Happy Valentines


“Comment se fit-il que leurs lèvres se rencontrèrent? Comment se fait-il que l’oiseau chante, que la neige fonde, que la rose s’ouvre, que mai s’épanouisse, que l’aube blanchisse derrière les arbres noirs au sommet frissonnant des collines?
Un baiser, et ce fut tout. .”

Victor Hugo, Les Miserables



How was it their lips met? How is it the the bird sings, the snow falls, that the rose opens, that May blooms, that the dawn whitens behind the dark trees shivering on the summit.

When they finished, when they had said everything, she laid her head on his shoulder and asked:

What is your name?

My name is Marius, he said. And you?

My name is Cosette.


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