Politics 2016


Momma told me if you want to be liked by everyone, never talk about politics, sex, or religion. So I ask, How many friends does one need?

Politics 2016

Let’s not speak of politics
Republicans and Democrats
Hillary and Bernie, Donald and Ted
And, oh yes, what’s his name
The one from Ohio
You see,
We have no one to blame
But ourselves
They lead, we follow
Like cattle to the fodder
Eating straw coarsely chopped
Not fit enough to eat

Not fine like foie gras and crackers
You see it burns my ass, this grass they feed us
The promises, the pledges, the words
They give us
Knowing they’ll say
It is all a game
And meaningless
Empty words they have spoken
So, let’s not speak of politics
And leave it to academia
And talk instead
About the media


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