What do I say today?

“Vous êtes tous une génération perdue.”
“You are all a lost generation”

– Gertrude Stein in Conversation

What do I say today?



“You are all a lost generation.” A phrase credited to Gertrude Stein by Ernest Hemingway and meant to apply to his generation of the twenties and thirties. A generation whose inherited values were irrelevant to post war France and because modern society with its movies and travel created a spiritual alienation from a religiously conservative rural population. This was the Great Gatsby generation, hopelessly provincial, class conscious, materialistic, spiritually empty and emotionally barren.


Le Dome, 108 Boulevard du Montparnasse


Thirty years later, another generation, another war, another alienation from the reality of life. Ecclesiastes reminds us that generations come and generations go and only the earth abideth.

Que dois-je dire ?
, m
ais on espère.


Graffigny, France, school children 1950

2 thoughts on “What do I say today?

  1. Have you read ‘only yesterday’ by Fredrick Lewis Allen? It’s an informal history of the 1920’s very interesting and speaks to what you’re saying here exactly. Love the photos. Great post.

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