Father’s Day

Dad’s Day

Who once fixed my broken bike?
Whose strong hands held me tight?
Who taught me wrong from right
My dear old Dad.

Who did things to help me grow?
Who showed me the righteous path to go?
Who made me my first sloppy joe,
It’s was, of course, my dear old Dad.

Who now makes the morning coffee?
Walks the dogs and picks up poop?
Who’s the first one we blame,
It’s dear old Dad.

Who pays for every meal?
Let’s me drive the family car
Or better yet, buys me a Subaru
Of course, dear old Dad.

Now am big enough to whip my Dad
I think instead
The words he longs to hear, I’ll say
On Father’s Day

“Dad, I love you more than you’ll ever know”

[This poem was inspired by cowboy poet Ron Brown]


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