Old men, young men

Old men, young men, dead men on the battlefield. The last World War I veteran who served in the trenches was British veteran Harry Patch, who died on 25 July 2009, aged 111.

Unknown British soldier (PBI) and family

Sad fact that old men make war and young men fight. Wouldn’t it better to be the other way around. Then families wouldn’t pay quite the price.

Harry Patch wisely said, “Irrespective of the uniforms we wore, we were all victims.”

Harry added:

“We were the PBI. That’s what we called ourselves. The poor bloody infantry. We didn’t know whether we’d be dead or alive the next day, the next hour or the next minute.

We weren’t heroes. We didn’t want to be there. We were scared. We all were, all the time. And any man who tells you he wasn’t is a damn liar.”


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